Reflective Teaching In A Digital Age

Online Laboratories in Engineering Education with Dr. Dominik May

July 01, 2021 Season 2 Episode 5
Reflective Teaching In A Digital Age
Online Laboratories in Engineering Education with Dr. Dominik May
Show Notes

Use of Online laboratories in science and engineering classes during the pandemic became widespread by necessity. Many STEM instructors had to experiment with and transition to different types of online laboratories, such as remote, augmented reality or virtual. In this conversation, Dr. Dominik May talks to us about the background of online laboratory development, their use in engineering classes during a shift to online teaching, and shares insights about the future of flexible learning where online experimentation can offer opportunities for greater engagement in the learning process.

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Dr. May is an Assistant Professor in the Engineering Education Transformations Institute. He researches online and intercultural engineering education. His primary research focus lies on the development, introduction, practical use, and educational value of online laboratories (remote, virtual, and cross-reality) and online experimentation in engineering instruction. In his work, he focuses on developing broader educational strategies for the design and use of online engineering equipment, putting these into practice and provide the evidence base for further development efforts. Moreover, Dr. May is developing instructional concepts to bring students into international study contexts so that they can experience intercultural collaboration and develop respective competences.